Top 10 Wedding Venues in Nebraska

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Resting between the Great Plains and Midwestern US, Nebraska is a state of historic trails and magnificent views. The sparse population may have you thinking that this is no place to hold a wedding. However, you are sorely mistaken.

What is seemingly deemed as a lack of development is made up for with beautiful expanses. Such sceneries can greatly improve any experience, or any event for that matter.

With that, here are the ten of the best wedding venues in Nebraska.


The Living Room

Address: Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 402-739-9174

If you’re a fan of industrial interiors or rustic set-ups, then The Living Room in Omaha might just cut it for you. What used to be a furniture factory is now one of the aesthetically pleasing wedding venues in the state. Their event halls are equipped with innovative technology to cater to audio-visual entertainment, and guest comfort. If you have a guest count of a little over 200, then this is an ideal venue for you.


A View West

Address: Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 402-933-2929

A View West is a suitable choice for those who love pristine classic interiors matched with modern architecture in an immense lakefront property. This venue caters to specific needs for catering, customization and staffing, making it an ideal option for those who are after a meticulous and creative option. Here, all your needs will be easily provided for.


Country Pines

Address: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 492-470-3665

With just the landscaping and the vineyard alone, you’re promised a once-in-a-lifetime event with the note-worthy backdrop to go with it. The establishment’s fresh food, exemplary service, and dreamy interiors are what qualify this wedding venue as one of the best in Texas.

This wedding venue is also renowned for providing exceptional buffet-style arrangements.  If you’re big on photo shoots, you will most likely love the picturesque surroundings on this venue.



Talon Room

Address: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 402-641-0943

What used to be the Spaghetti Works is now the Talon Room, an event venue that has partnered with local businesses to execute unforgettable lifetime celebrations. If you’re one to support advocacies, local artisans, small businesses, this is the choice for you. In addition to all this, clients commend staff efficiency, especially that of their events planners for being flexible with schedules, budgets, and other on-site arrangement changes.


Lucille’s Old Market

Address: Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 402-341-3100

For those who are after something straightforward and traditional, Lucille’s Old Market might just be what you need.  Spacious, homey and blessed by time, this is one of those event locations that define the Omaha culture. Their impeccable service is also one of the reasons why this has been the local’s favorite when it comes to weddings and family celebrations.



Castle Unicorn

Address: Pacific Junction, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 712-527-5930

View the beauty of the great outdoors from the open-spaced halls of Castle Unicorn. This well-loved and award-winning event venue in the Pacific Junction offers only the best backdrop for any significant celebration.

The surrounding expanse has so much potential for photo shoots and videos, making it the wedding venue of choice for most newly engaged couples. Evening arrangements are especially stunning here as well.


Sparks Barn

Address: Louisville, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 402-657-9497

With a capacity of 350 people and amenities that are not only child-safe but handicap-friendly, this is one of the most versatile venues in Louisville. Its humble aesthetic is not only functional, but is also indicative of Nebraska lifestyle.

Some of the best things about this venue include its outstanding service, high tech equipment and spacious patios. If you’re up for long nights of jolly good fun, this place can give you the value for you money.



Creekside Event Barn

Address: Roca Berry Farm, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 402-525-1999

Another choice that showcases the elegance of well-aged features and rustic furniture, the Creekside Event Barn does not only guarantee you a vintage-inspired Nebraskan wedding. This venue also shows the beauty and allure of farm life and pastoral sceneries.

This venue can accommodate up to 300 of your guests in its modest grounds. Besides, you can only expect the best service from their staff.


Simply Ballroom

Address: Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 420-933-6678

This venue is primarily known to be among the best ballroom dance halls in Nebraska. It is also praised for its high quality interiors and entertaining environment. If you’re big on parties and dancing in the family, then you will be pleased to know that the hardwood floors of Simply Ballroom can cater to 200 guests on your wedding.

It may be quite a challenge if you’re on a budget. Nonetheless, this is the perfect place for you and your partner to show your dance moves as you celebrate your big day.



Lilac Hill Wedding and Event Center

Address: Louisville, Nebraska, United States

Phone Number: 402-933-6678

Lastly on our list of the best wedding venues in Nebraska is the Lilac Hill Wedding and Event Center. This is because Lilac Hill was hailed as one of the best wedding venues, not only in Louisville, but in the state of Nebraska.

If you’re a lover of farm life and nature, then it would delight you to spend a noteworthy celebration amidst the vast acres of greeneries and flowers. Although this center may not hold over 250 people like other venues, its modest aesthetic is especially ideal for something more solemn and intimate.



It must be known that a lot of work is actually put into the planning of weddings. As much as we would all want our big days to go smoothly, things may not always go our way. This is especially true when it comes to picking the perfect wedding venue.

We hope that through this overview, you will have an easy time selecting the best wedding venue in Nebraska. Having such celebrations in the green expanses of the state is not only a feast for the eyes, but also for the soul. We hope you make the most out of the experience.

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