Top 10 Wedding Venues in Lubbock

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The wedding location sets the tone for the whole celebration. As a result, it is critical to wrap it up before going on to other aspects. To aid you, we have created a guide to choosing a Lubbock wedding venue so that you can find the perfect spot for your special day.

1. Fiesta Center

Address: 1902 E. 4th St., Lubbock, TX

Phone Number: 806-729-6695

Get hitched in the Fiesta Center, a beautiful event and entertainment facility in Lubbock. Its traditional style makes it very easy to personalize. The onsite bridal party changing room allows you to lounge without the stress of traveling from one location to the other.

This gorgeous location is ideal for a wedding ceremony of any size, with various adaptable rooms and function halls and also a secluded outdoor space. Moreover, the amazing event facility offers a variety of supplementary party decorations to make wedding preparation easier.

2. Llano Estacado Winery

Address: 3426 East FM 1585, Lubbock, TX

Phone Number: 806-745-2258

Llano has been producing superior Texas wine since 1976 and began holding gatherings in 2015. It is situated outside of Lubbock, surrounded by gorgeous cotton farmland.

The winery is full of wonders, and it has unexpected hidden areas at the site that will please you and your guests. The lovely open area and wood floors make it ideal for a rustic event.

3. Sophia’s Place 

Address: 7330 19th St Lubbock, TX

Phone Number: 806-773-6910

Amber Peters owns and operates this old warehouse, which she refurbished with painstaking attention to detail. She named the indoor space after her baby daughter, who serves as a way to remind her that God is always giving.

This dining hall is distinguished by historic natural brick walls, giving the area a nostalgic and sentimental feel. Guests will be delighted by the stunning chandeliers that shine above while they feast and dance in the moonlight.

4. Macalester House 

Address: 4715 FM 1729 Lubbock, TX

Phone Number: 806-375-4354

This Texas treasure invites you and your important other to spend a spectacular wedding day in the heartland of West Texas. This country retreat is a 30-minute distance from downtown and is situated on eight acres of picturesque countryside.

You may declare your love on the patio area, which offers large oak trees and a perfectly manicured lawn. Celebrations can also be held on the 6,700 square foot terrace. This location can handle a variety of events, from small meetings to large gatherings of up to 350 people.

5. Castle Event Center 

Address: 6417 Country Road 7620 Lubbock, TX

Phone Number: 806-224-3927

If you are looking for a wedding location with a distinct personality, Castle Event Center is the way to go. This dining hall offers a particular old-world atmosphere that distinguishes it from any other location in Northwest Texas.

It provides not just a beautiful sight but also an amazing experience that will make wedding preparation a breeze. If arranged in advance, the indoor pool may also be used for your celebration. 

6. American Windmill Museum

Address: 1701 Canyon Lake Dr, Lubbock, TX

Phone Number: 806-747-8734

The American Wind Power Center is an ideal location for your lavish wedding while also commemorating a significant piece of Texas history. Imagine holding your reception in a big area with towering ceilings, all of which will draw attention to the stunning historical artwork in the background.

Guests will be situated on circular tables and served a banquet cuisine of your choice, whether it is a gourmet feast or an authentic Texas-style barbecue! After supper, make your way to the large dance hall, which has plenty of area for two-stepping with your dear ones. 

7. Overton Hotel

Address: 2322 Mac Davis Ln, Lubbock, TX

Phone Number: 806-776-7000

The Overton Hotel shines brilliantly as a spectacular wedding located in the central part of the Hub City. Whatever your preferences are, their award-winning gastronomic staff will be delighted to collaborate with you to create the ideal feast.

This magnificent room can accommodate up to 600 people for seated dinner and is also excellent for your wedding day. The gorgeous Sunset hall at the Overton is an ideal backdrop for a wedding ceremony.

8. Cotton Creek Barn 

Address: 608 County Road Tahoka, TX

Phone Number: 979-220-1318

Cotton Creek’s family team works with you to create your memorable day with care and attention to detail. The Farm House can indeed be used for pre-party preparations.

The atmosphere is rustic and ideal for your nuptials. Recycled timber walls and ceilings make a playful and one-of-a-kind environment. Cotton Creek Barn may be instantly transformed into an appealing and lovely wedding reception venue with the addition of modest decorations. 

9. Hillcrest Golf and Country Club

Address: 4011 North Boston Avenue Lubbock, TX

Phone Number: 806-765-6601

The Hillcrest Golf & Country Club, located just outside of Lubbock, offers a tastefully classy setting for couples. Picture saying “I do” on a magnificent verdant golf course bordered by leafy trees and a nearby creek with pristine waters.

This magnificent building, which was founded in 1950, has held one stunning event after another. The club’s beautiful ballroom virtually oozes flawless elegance with its soaring high ceilings, majestic columns, and lovely dark wood elements. 

10. Walnut Tree Weddings

Address: 2611 West US Highway 70, TX

Phone Number: 806-292-7516

Walnut Tree Weddings is a stunning gathering location with both indoor and outdoor venues available for your marriage ceremony. The vast lawn is lush all year and creates the ultimate green aisle for your wedding.

Following the ceremony, guests will be able to enjoy beverages and canapés beneath the Covered Pavilion. The big open, shaded room contains three stunning chandeliers and drapery. Suspended lights and paper lanterns are also there to create the mood you desire.

The competent event staff will help you arrange every part of your ceremony, from the floral arrangements to the gastronomy. The rustic charm of the venue, as well as the Texas friendliness, will appeal to you and your guests.


As you can see, there are many alternatives when it comes to deciding on the finest Lubbock wedding venue for you. So, go with your gut and take advantage of the exciting possibilities provided!

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