Top 10 Wedding Venues in Louisville

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A wedding venue is one important decision to make when planning your wedding. It is the place where you can truly begin to have a long-lasting relationship with the one you love. After choosing the place where you want to get married, it’s time to know which of the picturesque places in the area can hold your most memorable wedding yet.

Louisville is one of the most picturesque cities in Kentucky. Situated by the Ohio river, it is a place known for the mixed historical and modern vibe alongside the famous Kentucky derby. With its midwestern and southern cultural influence, it is no doubt that Louisville has that romantic vibe, which can allure any wedding planner and dissipate any wedding jitters.

If you’re on the planning game to get hitched in Louisville, here are the top ten wedding venues in Louisville that have romantic, cultural, and elegant vibes suitable for your wedding themes and setups.

Whitehall House and Gardens

The luxurious ambiance, the flowery garden, and the traditional architecture that’s reminiscent of Louisville’s history are what make Whitehall House and Gardens the perfect location for your dream garden wedding. This quintessentially southern estate holds deep historical roots with its elegance in furniture, polished garden layouts, and a façade that’s governed with stately pillars and ornate driveway.

Spring and autumn weddings are best held in this house, while a summer-themed garden wedding is set best on the opulent gardens. This place is located at 3110 Lexington Rd in Cherokee Gardens, and the 19th century home will surely bless your wedding with a bountiful start and a captivating wedding photo as a bonus.

The Regency

The availability for the indoor and outdoor wedding reception is what makes The Regency a standout in wedding venues. Located at 8900 Limehouse Ln, this reception hall and venue can double up as the ceremony venue and the reception dining hall if you’re on a budget.

Also, its location inside the Oxmoor Country Club makes it a place where you don’t have to worry about the number of guests, the parking space, and the versatility of the location for your preferred wedding theme.

 Louisville Palace Theatre

Dreaming of a castle-like wedding? The opulence of Louisville Palace Theatre will truly bring that Disney princess wedding vibe to reality. Reminiscent of the Versailles Palace, the interior is studded with glass, ornate gold leaf decorations, and elegant lighting that will set the romantic mood for every “I Do’s” happening in their halls.

Ashbourne Farms

If barnyard extravaganza or quaint countryside wedding is your theme, then this location adds flair to it. The rustic setting of the halls and reception creates an ambiance of country weddings plus the wide space can occupy chairs and tables for the many guests on the list. Plus, the rolling bluegrass and pristine landscapes create a memorable venue for that perfect wedding photo as a keepsake.

While it isn’t located inside the Louisville city area, the location isn’t far too. This barnyard hall at 3810 Old Westport Road in La Grange is incredibly accessible yet scenic like a countryside paradise fit for the exchanging of you and your partner’s vows.

Kentucky Derby Museum

For the horse racing enthusiasts-turned-lovers, this museum will surely bring two things you love – the Kentucky derby and your soulmate. The open space is great for outdoor weddings and the ten-thousand square feet of space will surely accommodate a long list of guests cheering you on the altar. The space is also customizable to meet your wedding theme needs.

It’s also rentable for day and night occasions, which makes it ambient for your wedding ceremony and reception afterward.

Ice House

Located at the heart of Louisville City, this place isn’t an expected choice but one that will truly etch a beautiful wedding memory for you and your love. While it has an industrial vibe to the place, the contemporary décor and rooftop space create that modern-looking wedding ceremony where you can exchange your “I Do’s” with the overlooking panoramic view of the city. The skyline also offers an excellent backdrop for that wedding photo and the place is perfect for the reception party.

If you aren’t a fan of weddings in open spaces, the mezzanine offers intimacy to the ceremony while the main hall is perfect for the reception of cocktails and cutting the wedding cake. It’s an incredibly versatile place that suits any wedding theme.

 The Seelbach

Classy, ornate, and gilded halls are one-of-a-kind in this magnificent wedding venue at South 4th Street. The best place in this Hilton-owned property is the Rathskeller, which is the only Rockwood-pottery room in the world that is surviving. It’s also where The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was written. Its elegance and historical value make it an exquisite wedding venue that should fit up to three hundred people. The grand staircase is also perfect for photo ops and wedding photoshoots.


For mansion weddings or garden ceremonies, the opulent manicured gardens at Gardencourt will surely make an impression on your guests and add an extra flair to the outdoor wedding ceremony. A historical place recognized by the National Register, Gardencourt covers fourteen acres that overlook Cherokee park and is studded with blossom flowers that will adorn any spring wedding.

The tree-lined drive is also excellent for wedding photos and pre-nuptial shots while space is enough for the reception of up to five hundred people.

Grand Lion Event Center

Planning a wedding on a gazebo? This venue at the Grand Lion Event Center is the best you can get for a gazebo-shaded wedding ceremony. The rustic natural setting of the place has an elegant and unique vibe that adds to the wedding décor.

The best thing about the place is that you can rent both indoor and outdoor space for just one payment just in case the weather turns bad at your ceremony or reception. The center can hold up to four hundred guests or two hundred people, tables, and booths complementing the wedding theme of your choice.

Midlane Farm

A simple yet open-air wedding ceremony perhaps? This quaint wedding venue in 2834 Hikes Lane has space enough for the tent, the tables, and the ceremony space. It means you can simply have all the ceremony and reception in just one location. The flowers, trees, and verdant lawn create an amazing vibe that respects simple garden weddings yet doesn’t discount on the beauty and serenity of the place. It’s a great location for intimate and large wedding parties, too.

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