Top 10 Wedding Venues in Lincoln

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One of the most challenging aspects of planning your wedding is the process of looking at the right wedding locations. However, with so many choices that are wide and endless—and available at every price point—it may take you a while before you make a choice.

That said, we want to give you a hand in choosing the best wedding venues in Lincoln. This way, you can explore your option within the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Now, without further ado, here are our top picks:

Lyman Estate

Address: 185 Lyman Street, Waltham, MA 02452

Contact: 617-858-8425

With a capacity of up to 225 people, the Lyman Estate is a beautiful wedding location that offers exclusive access to their main house and gardens on your wedding day. This venue has a wide range of options for the spaces, including a garden, a bridal suite, a covered veranda, a dining room, a library, and the historic parlors as part of their accommodations.

Café Escadrille

Address: 26 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 01803

Contact: 781-519-4860

In addition to being an exquisite wedding location, Café Escadrille has a staff of professional wedding planners dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your big day is exactly what you imagined it. Apart from being able to accommodate up to 220 people, the architecture is breathtaking. There are elements such as the beautiful Grand Parlor stone fireplace that make it one of the most romantic wedding venues.

Lincoln Marriot Cornhusker Hotel

Address: 333 S 13th St, Lincoln, NE

Contact:  402 479-8231

In the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel, couples can spend their big day in beautiful ballrooms and event spaces specially designed for such grand ceremonies. They provide a menu of fresh and delicious cuisine to guarantee you a great experience. Their planners are also Marriot-certified for their expertise and service.

Courtside Banquet Hall

Address: 333 Speedway Cr #3, Lincoln, NE

Contact:  402 440-1513

This beautiful event venue accommodates both large and intimate groups, allowing couples to design a wedding celebration that is unique to them. The Courtside Banquet Hall has an open-plan interior layout specifically decorated to meet your specific needs and wedding motif. It combines flexibility and sophistication in an accessible location.

Apothecary Lofts and Ridnour Room

Address: 140 North 8th Street, Lincoln, NE

Contact:  402 474-1812

This venue, situated in the center of Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket District, is both an indoor and outdoor space that serves as an excellent choice for civil unions, wedding ceremonies, and receptions of all kinds.

Its classic décor and room layout can accommodate any kind of event and is open to all customization and creative ideas. With a capacity of 300 guests, this historic venue has a simple interior aesthetic you can easily decorate to match the theme of your big day.

Embassy Suites

Address: 1040 P St, Lincoln, NE

Contact:  402 473-4712

Embassy Suites by Hilton offer sumptuous cuisine, all-inclusive event packages, and a variety of decor choices. It’s a hotel with lavish interiors and full-service on-site dining. Their planning features can assist couples in various ways, including helping you choose the ideal venue, reserving blocks of guest rooms, and managing your guest list. Moreover, guests attending your wedding will have enough space to unwind in their spacious suites and light-filled atrium, located next to the hotel.

Wilderness Ridge

Address: 1800 Wilderness Woods Place, Lincoln, NE

Contact:  402 434-5121

Prepare for your wedding day with confidence knowing that the Wilderness Ridge staff will be hard at work arranging your reception space for you when you arrive. The facility offers convenience at its finest, including a wedding planning service, rentals and equipment, exquisite food and catering, bar and drinks, and service staff to assist you. Even if you’re not a fan of golf, the surrounding expanse of greenery is enough to refresh your mind and prepare you for a fun wedding celebration.

Country Pines

Address: 6305 W Adams St, Lincoln, NE 68524

Contact:  402 470 3665

This is a great place to consider if you want to be surrounded by nature on your wedding day. Rural Pines has 80 acres of a beautiful, quiet country setting, but it is just 10 minutes away from downtown Lincoln, making it a great family destination.

This family-owned business has been in operation for almost 15 years and offers impeccable service, delicious food, and a terrific overall location in a lovely setting. This establishment is renowned for its beautiful vineyard views and excellent service.

Talon Room

Address: 230 N 12th St Ste. 1, Lincoln, NE 68508

Contact: 402 641 0943

Once known as Spaghetti Works, the Talon Room has established itself as the ideal location for wedding ceremonies, corporate parties, business conferences, or family gatherings of up to 100 participants.

Talon Room can accommodate all your wedding requirements and will do its best to produce an occasion that will be remembered long after your wedding day has passed. When it comes to customer assistance, wedding planning, and general interior ambiance, this location can make for a great place to gather with family, friends, and loved ones.

Havelock Social Hall

Address: 4538 N 62nd St, Lincoln, NE 68507

Contact: 402 497 3002

An ideal banquet facility for special occasions, family events, and weddings, Havelock Social Hall, offers full service, excellent planning assistance, and great food. With reasonable pricing and beautiful interiors, this is a satisfactory location to consider if you prefer a low-key and simple celebration. Furthermore, the site offers a large, exclusive, and safe parking area for our visitors, allowing them to unwind the ceremonies while being worry-free.


Planning every aspect of your wedding, from the theme, décor, menu to the layout can be stressful and time-consuming. But if you can find a decent event venue that offers the best food, service, interiors, and assistance, you’re almost already set.

With that, we hope that our list of the top wedding venues in Lincoln helps you out and makes the preparation for your big day a little easier. Good luck and enjoy your wedding day!

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