Top 10 Wedding Venues in Gilbert

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As a couple, your special day is your wedding day. The first thing you want to ensure in planning a wedding is finding the best wedding venue with all the amenities you need, and choosing one is not easy.

The good news is that there are many options that you can choose from nowadays depending on your personality and wishes.

To make your search easier, this article will elaborate on the top 10 wedding venues in Gilbert. Gilbert has a lot to offer when it comes to the right wedding venue.

It offers numerous options that can suit whatever taste or preference you have, whether you want a small and intimate wedding or an extravagant and customized ceremony for you and your loved ones.

1. Villa Siena

Address: 890 W Elliot Rd #104, Gilbert, AZ 85233

Phone Number: 480-782-7218

Do you fancy going to Italy for your wedding but you can’t due to the limited budget or the pandemic? In that case, Villa Siena can let you experience Italy right in Gilbert, with its Italian-inspired ambiance and authentic character.

It’s known as one of the ideal wedding venues in Gilbert. They can cater wedding receptions, ceremonies, cocktail parties, and even garden weddings in their famous Piazza Toscana. It’s also a picture-perfect area with an exquisite courtyard.

Moreover, the bride and her bridesmaids can enjoy their luxurious bridal suite as well as a dedicated groom suite for the men to relax.

2. Shenandoah Mill

Address: 1359 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Phone Number: 480-855-0099

One of the most famous wedding venues in Arizona is the Shenandoah Mill. It’s known for its elegance and fine ballroom to accommodate guests’ needs with different requests and wishes.

Couples can choose whether to have an indoor or outdoor wedding, as the place can cater to both types of weddings. They have a magnificent garden where you can choose to hold your wedding ceremony and be extra romantic.

Likewise, they also have a ballroom that can host many guests and enjoy the striking wooden setting and gorgeous ambiance.

3. Power Ranch, Trilogy Golf

Address: 4415 E Village Pkwy, Gilbert, AZ 85297

Phone Number: 480-773-3041

If you like a nature-themed wedding with beautiful scenery and fresh air, the venue Trilogy Golf at Power Ranch is the right one for you.

This place features a 900-square foot pavilion that’s climate-controlled, a patio, and a vast golf course. These incredible features were purposely built for special celebrations like weddings.

Their stunning outdoor view will undoubtedly take your breath away, coupled with a warm and contemporary reception site for various wedding functions and hosting. Lastly, their professional team will take on all the stress of planning your wedding to make it as memorable as possible.

4. Vista Lakes

Address: 1600 E Lakeside Dr, Gilbert, AZ 85234

Phone Number: (480) 926-9694

Couples who are nature lovers will definitely fall in love with Vista Lakes. This lovely wedding venue will give you a beautiful lakeside wedding experience that you will never forget.

This venue has luscious green scenery, waterfront elegance, mountain views, and even customized services. It also has a classic ballroom area that can accommodate special celebrations like weddings.

To complete the vibe, there’s also a frolicking waterfall to serenade you with a sunset view. Lastly, the place is quite massive as it can accommodate up to 200 guests for special events like weddings.

5. The Cottage

Address: 535 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Phone Number: 480-747-0756

Intimate weddings are the top trend during this unprecedented time, and The Cottage is here to cater to your big day. It’s an incredible place, and it’s perfect for hosting weddings of all traditions, even chapel ceremonies.

They can accommodate up to 70 guests for intimate weddings or 150 guests if you prefer an outdoor ceremony and reception. As part of their service, they also have a dedicated team to assist you with your wedding needs – from the initial planning right up to your big day.

6. Modern Farm

Address: 13827 E Ray Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Phone Number: 480-252-0021

Modern Farm is perfect for couples looking for an urban-style wedding venue. It’s also ideal for intimate weddings, thanks to its simple yet incredible ambiance.

This place is also perfect for nature lovers as it is surrounded by nature or greenery and its white building adds to its stunning perfection.

Moreover, to make your dream wedding become a reality, their professional team is always available to help make your customized wedding happen and meet all your wedding needs.

7. Chapel At The Farm

Address: 397 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Phone Number: 480-454-5595

Chapel At The Farm is ideal for couples who are more into traditional weddings. It’s an ancient farmhouse that’s perfect for small yet romantic weddings. This place also has various rooms for catering to both outdoor and indoor events. These spaces can accommodate up to 100 guests and 20 guests, respectively.

Choosing to hold your wedding here will let you feel a personal-style and intimate wedding. Moreover, you can ensure that all your wishes for your wedding will happen with the help of their professional team who can make your special day an unforgettable one.

8. Seville Golf

Address: 6683 S Clubhouse Dr, Gilbert, AZ 85298

Phone Number: 480-722-8100

Another gorgeous venue to hold your wedding is the Seville Golf. This place is a Tuscan-style venue that offers both outdoor and indoor wedding spaces.

You’ll surely fall in love with its breathtaking views, as it has a pristine golf area, shimmering lake, incredible bell towers, grand arching, and orange groves that complete your picture-perfect wedding setup.

9. Meander Gatherings

Address: 1359 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Phone Number: 480-216-2299

Meaner Gatherings is another well-known venue that specializes in hosting intimate weddings. So, if you want your wedding to have a unique setting, Meander Gatherings is here to make it happen.

They are committed to modifying wedding customs and offer personalized wedding experiences to their clients. In fact, one of their excellent features is setting up a vintage van at your preferred location, which can host up to 24 guests to make your wedding unique and more fun.

10. Agritopia Weddings

Address: 1359 S Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Phone Number: 480-216-2299

The last venue on this list is the beautiful farm called Agritopia Farm. This place is a farmhouse that can host up to 200 guests, although it can also be perfect for intimate weddings. It features orange trees and peach groves which guests can enjoy during the ceremony and reception.


A wedding is a significant milestone in one’s life, so there’s no doubt that you’ll want it to be perfect and memorable. However, the whole process can indeed be stressful, especially when it comes to finding the right venue.

With that said, we hope this list has helped you find the most suitable wedding venue for you in Gilbert, and we wish you and your spouse-to-be a long and happy marriage. Good luck!

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