Top 10 Wedding Venues in Charlotte

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Charlotte is a big town with a warm vibe. Not only is it livable, but it is also blessed with plenty of spectacular views of modern art and architecture. This city in North Carolina offers you an atmosphere and an image close to home, so all the more reason for you to hold your wedding celebration here.

That said, let’s do a quick overview of the best wedding venues in Charlotte. Explore your options from the urban to the rural parts of the city. Discover the potential of these places and how they can significantly improve your celebration.

Let’s begin!


The Ballantyne

Address: 10000 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 704 248 4070

Raising the bar for luxurious and stunning, the Ballantyne showcases the best parts of both an indoor celebration and an outdoor ceremony. This place has a grand staircase as its focal point and a vast greenery expanse to surround the venue.

It can hold up to 300 of your guests, so this can be a great option to consider, especially if you want something simple yet classy.


Holiday Inn Charlotte Center City

Address: 230 North College St, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 704 335 5400

If you’re planning to have an intimate ceremony of just over a hundred guests, why not just take it to new heights. Celebrate your big day atop a rooftop rotunda, and enjoy an aerial view of the entire city.

This venue center has all the amenities you need, including on-site accommodations. That said, you are guaranteed less hassle here.


The Peninsula Club

Address: 19101 Peninsula Club Dr, Cornelius, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 704 439 2918

Enjoy the water feature that perfectly reflects the golden hour at the Peninsula Club. There’s a lot to love about the place, even if you’re not wed during a sunset. This indoor and outdoor reception and venue caters to both intimate groups and a longer guest list.

Aside from the surrounding greenery, most people loved most of the lake and how heavenly it must be to be wed with such tranquility.


Pine Island Country Club

Address: 1701 Stoneyridge Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 704 409 7462

Here is a venue where you can expect a wide expanse of nature and greenery. What makes the Pine Island Country Club a great choice for your wedding is its scenic views and developed infrastructure. Not only do clients get a full package deal on the catering and the after-party, but the in-house also makes sure they are properly coordinated to avoid delays. This is efficiency at its finest.


Alexander Homestead

Address: 4717 Shamrock Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 704 737 1023

Experience a solemn ceremony under a canopy of trees or an indoor set-up that challenges your creativity. The Alexander Homestead may be a simple wedding venue. Still, you’ve got their competent staff to keep all the planning in control.

While the homestead is pretty much built to cater to intimate gatherings, the venue can accommodate up to 250 of your guests. That said, you can still make use of the space for exciting reception activities.


Separk Mansion

Address: 209 West 2nd Avenue, Gastonia, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 704 266 0014

One look and you can tell that the Separk Mansion is quite American but has the right amount of Italian Renaissance in its architecture. This mansion can accommodate a little over two hundred guests, so it indicates the ample amount of space you can work with. If you’re looking for a formal wedding set-up, this venue can pretty much seal the deal for you.


The Laboratory Mill

Address: 848 South Fork Road, Lincolnton, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 704 240 2718

Simple, straightforward, and surprisingly industrial in aesthetic, the Laboratory Mill stands as one of the best waterside venues down south. There’s so much to love about the view of nature and water forms just near the structure.

In addition to all that, you don’t need to do a lot of redecorating to fit the wedding ceremony’s interior. Lastly, with its rather large accommodation space, we get enough room for activity and energy at the Laboratory Mill.



Address: 1 Lodge St, Asheville, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 800 211 9804

With a guest list that’s three hundred strong, you can make your arrangements for Biltmore, one of the most romantic wedding venues in North Carolina. Classy, elegant, and picturesque, this place is any bride-to-be’s dream come true. In addition to the dazzling interiors and classical architecture, you have the staff’s efficiency and reliability on your side.


The Farm-A Gathering Place

Address: 215 Justice Ridge Road, Candler, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 828 667 0666

Large enough for a ceremony, with more surrounding space for a relaxed scenic view, the Farm-A-Gathering place offers this specific brand of a cozy wedding. This organic family farm offers a great rustic interior display, a historic-themed aisle, and an outstanding view of the mountains. If you’re looking to have an intimate and solemn ceremony, this is the ideal venue to hold it.


Yesterday Spaces

Address: 305 Sluder Branch Rd., Asheville, Charlotte, North Carolina

Contact Information: 828 777 6948

Showcasing rural Charlotte’s best views is Yesterday Spaces, which cashes in on the nostalgia aesthetic for their venue. What used to be a dairy farm is now effectively refurbished as a wedding venue.

It has made so many big days so unforgettable. You can invite a smaller group or go for a solid list of a few hundred for your celebration. Either way, you are still provided a great experience coupled with outstanding service and assistance.


Final Words

There really is so much to love about Charlotte, and it can be not easy to take a pick from any of these wonderful choices. Still, remember that these great places are borne from long years of service and dedication, pretty much like in a marriage. That said, we hope we have given you substantial guidance on this matter.

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