10 Amazing Honeymoon Airbnbs

By Kathy •  Updated: 02/27/21 •  6 min read

After the wedding, you are going to be very excited about your honeymoon. This is an opportunity for you and your new partner to relax and enjoy your first adventure together as a married couple.

In recent years, everyone is arranging an Airbnb as opposed to a hotel to stay in. This allows you to explore cool new places and have a unique experience. You can get so much more for your money. Here are 10 amazing honeymoon Airbnbs you need to know about.

San Giusto Abbey in Italy

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to travel to Europe. Are you a couple that love to experience local culture and learn about history? Then there is going to be no better place to stay than at San Giusto Abbey! This is your opportunity to stay in a real medieval tower in Tuscany. It was built way back in 1146, which means that there is so much to learn about your vacation home. You can enjoy the incredible views of the countryside and learn all about the stories that exist in these medieval four walls. What’s more, you are only around one hour away from Rome.


Houseboat in France

When you think about France, where do you want to go? Of course, everyone says Paris. This is the city of love and this makes it the perfect getaway for the happy couple on their honeymoon. But to make it extra special, consider staying on a houseboat in France. There is an Airbnb houseboat that is situated near the Eiffel Tower on the Seine. This gives you an amazing spot near to all of the action. What’s more, you can enjoy the novelty of living on a boat and see if you like it.

Bird Island in Belize

Would you love to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax on your own island? Well, this is something that is actually possible through Airbnb. The stunning bird island allows you to sit back and relax with your partner in the Coral Reef. You are surrounded by ocean and with the warm weather, there is going to be no better place to unwind after a busy wedding day. Think about it as your very own paradise where no one is going to bother you and your partner! You will find Bird Island in Belize.


Hector Cave House in Greece

Honeymoons are all about relaxation and enjoying good weather. If this sounds like something you want to enjoy after your wedding, check out Hector Cave House in Greece. You will find this beautiful place in Santorini and you can sit hillside. This villa offers wonderful view, with its own plunge pool and outdoor paradise. It is romantic and the perfect place to kick back with your partner. Your honeymoon is definitely going to be one to remember here in Greece!

Geo Dome on Farm in New York

Next on our list is this Geo Dome on Farm Airbnb. This is one that is going to be perfect for partners that love the outdoors. There is going to be no better place for walking during the day than being based in the forest itself. At night, you can relax in your own geodesic glamping spot, which allows you to stay warm and watch the stars. This is the idyllic getaway you have been longing for after a hectic few weeks. You can enjoy hiking, swimming and yoga, as well as just enjoy each other’s company in nature.


Balian Treehouse in Indonesia

Indonesia is becoming a popular tourist destination. If you are interested in exploring what this country has to offer for your honeymoon, we have the perfect retreat for you that you can call your home while you are there. You can enjoy a honeymoon is a tree house that enjoys lush surroundings. It is peaceful here and you will find the beach nearby. You can also go exploring the local village and experience another culture.

Peace of Heaven in Iceland

Sometimes, you do not want to relax on a beach for your honeymoon. Perhaps you live in a hot climate all year round and want a change. Well, we definitely have one for you thanks to Airbnb. We are talking about Peace of Heaven in Iceland. Here, you can stay on a mountain hill and enjoy everything from snow to artic animals. What’s more, you can witness the spectacular Northern Lights between October and April when you stay here.


The Shell House in Mexico

Just as the name suggests, the Shell House is a unique Airbnb you will find in Mexico and it is shaped like a seashell. Not only does it look cool but it also has its own private pool and BBQ. This means that you can enjoy outdoor living and dining el fresco. It is also near local beaches you can enjoy if you want to enjoy some sea and sand. You even have your own concierge when you arrive!

Tree House in Costa Rica

Would you like to visit Costa Rica for your honeymoon? Well, you have got to check out this amazing tree house you can stay at on Airbnb. You can relax in the lush rainforest and this is going to allow you to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some animal spotting. This includes iguanas, moneys and other wild animals.


Private Beach in Brazil

Everybody loves the beach and being near to the sand and sea. But, how about enjoying a home right on the beach? We are talking about this awesome Airbnb that you can rent in Brazil. You actually have your own private beach that is very secluded and allows you to relax and enjoy some peace with your partner. You can lay on the sand and get a tan, as well as go swimming in the sea. This is the perfect romantic getaway to enjoy on your honeymoon!

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