10 Unique Places to Have an Engagement Party

By Julie •  Updated: 01/13/21 •  6 min read

When you get engaged to your partner, you are full of excitement. You are looking for the perfect way to celebrate this huge milestone in your life and share the moment with your family and friends. The best way to do this is by arranging an engagement party. This is going to let you have an amazing time, whether you are looking for something casual or high tempo.

Do you want to ensure that your engagement party is fun and one that you will never forget? Then you have to choose a unique venue that is going to get everyone excited and talking about the big day. If you are looking for inspiration, here are 10 unique places to have an engagement party.

The Beach

Do you love the sun, sea and sand? Then there is going to be no better place for an engagement party than at the beach. You can gather all of your guests and have a fantastic time in the sunshine and enjoying the sea breeze. In particular, this is going to be a great place to hold your engagement party if it is the summer. It can be informal and fun, with casual elements such as picnic blankets. Everyone can wear their best beachwear and feel relaxed. Just make sure that you have enough sunscreen and some hydrating beverages!


The Local Golf Club

If you are a fan of sports, there is going to be no better place for your engagement party than at your local golf club. You can easily hire the venue and gather your friends and family around for a celebration. You can dine and drink, as well as even enjoy a round of golf. It can be your decision whether you want to enjoy a casual gathering or make it a more formal affair. Just be prepared that hiring a golf club might be pricier than you expected.

The Casino

For those that are feeling lucky, an engagement party at the casino might be on the cards. You can gather your guests and enjoy gambling together, with lots of stations you can have fun with. Whether you love playing roulette or want to socialize and enjoy the slot machines, the casino can be a lot of fun. You never know, you might even win some cash that can go towards the wedding. Often, casinos have restaurants and areas to hire for large parties. This way, you can get away from the entertainment and catch up with your loved ones.


A Glamping Spot

Do you love being out in nature but are also looking for luxury? Perhaps it is time to try glamping for your engagement party. This is your opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and really enjoy your time with friends and family. You can do everything from roasting marshmallows to enjoy gathering around the camp fire. There are lots of beautiful glamping spots you can hire and that will suit your group size.

Murder Mystery Venue

Engagement parties are meant to be fun for you and your guests. If you are someone that likes to be busy and wants to really enjoy some excitement, we recommend hitting up a murder mystery venue for your engagement party. You can become the detective and enjoy this horror activity with your loved ones. You will be given plenty of clues and there are often venues that give you dinner and drinks too. It can be a real day out and you can solve the crime and find the killer.

The Cinema

Having a movie night can be a relaxing and casual way to celebrate your enjoyment. It is common to hire out a cinema and invite your guests. While it might not be cheap, it can be a unique way to celebrate and have some fun with the latest movies. Alternatively, if you love this idea but you are on a budget, you can create your own outdoor cinema in your backyard. This can also be a fun way to celebrate and you can have drinks and food while watching a movie.


The Club

If you and your partner like to have wild celebrations, you can always have your engagement party at the club. There are VIP areas you can arrange for all of your guests to gather and you can drink and dance the night away. Alternatively, there are some clubs that offer private parties, which could include a masquerade ball or silent disco events. Just be aware that you will have to have a larger budget to have an engagement party celebration at a club. But it definitely will be one to remember!

The Zoo

For those that love animals, perhaps you want to have your engagement party at the zoo! Often, there are venues here you can hire for your party so that you can socialize with your guests. During the day, you can also wander around the zoo and enjoy seeing the animals. This is going to be a great engagement party for all ages and it allows the young kids to have a great day too.

The Museum

If you are someone that loves history, there is going to be no better way to celebrate your engagement than at a museum. While this might be an expensive way to have a party, it is possible to hire out a museum for you and your guests. You can enjoy having a drink and wandering around the exhibits, as well as enjoying some dining at the restaurant or café. Your family and friends are going to love this idea and it is sure going to be unique and memorable for everyone.


On a Boat

Make sure you have your sea legs and welcome your guests onboard your own boat for your engagement party! You can go out to sea and enjoy the views and the fresh air. This is going to be a great way to have a party during the summer and you can even stop at spots for some swimming. What a fun family day out!

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