Exclusive use of Our romantic
Comlongon castle wedding venue

We can offer for our clients an exclusive use package.

This package enables couples to book the entire estate privately, ensuring that for the period of your stay, no other people will be permitted access to the castle, hotel or grounds for the period agreed.
Comlongon Castle will become your private home for your wedding day.

Comlongon Castle will cancel all slots in the day time for other wedding ceremonies and interviews for prospective couples. We have become over the years an extremely popular venue. Indeed there are waiting lists for the more attractive dates in the summer season. Balancing a business with requests for ceremonies and meeting clients expectations is a finely balanced art.


Helicopter landing at Comlongon Castle for your private hire Our unique seven foot wide bed forms the centre piece of the Honeymoon Lodge at Comlongon Castle Set in over 120 acres - Comlongon Castle, a stunning locations for weddings
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We conduct a ceremony at 11.00 am for those not fortunate enough to stay at the Castle-these clients leave the building before permitted Check-in at 12.30. We also on most dates perform ceremonies at 6.00 pm, whilst our main group are dining. If you wish us to cancel any of these wedding ceremonies it is advisable to book exclusive use. Although not necessary it is advisable in the height of the wedding season to check with our wedding co-ordinators if any other group has enquired about these available opportunities. These ceremonies, although not permitted to use the hotel facilities will be in the gardens for photographs between 11.00 and 12.30 and between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm.

We would remind clients that Comlongon is a private hotel which does not allow non-residents access to the main building.

Once you have booked all the rooms at the Castle no other group can have access to the bar, restaurant or room facilities. You can be secure in the knowledge that once all rooms are booked that all the facilities within the hotel are yours alone.

However for those groups who wish us to turn away these weddings who only use the keep and gardens for ceremonies at 11.00 am and 6.00 pm we offer the opportunity of securing exclusive use. This extra charge is determined by the date and size of your booking.


Occasionally there are clients who wish security, total privacy or anonymity, please advise if this is a concern and we will make necessary arrangements. If you do wish extra security and members of the press and public excluded from the estate to ensure a totally secluded event please contact one of our wedding co-ordinators.

Helicopter landing is available.

Please Note: Due to client confidentiality we cannot discuss previous client lists.



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