Celtic Wedding Ceremonies - The Laird's Blessing At Comlongon Castle
unique celtic blessings at the scottish castleAt Comlongon Castle we can offer our clients the opportunity to take part in a Lairds Blessing.

 We have a number of dedicated specialist celebrants who will perform these unique blessings.

A Lairds blessing is a unique ceremony, especially created for Comlongon Castle where couples have the chance to partake in an ancient wedding custom. Thought to originate from early Celtic ceremonies, later becoming popular in the medieval period these ceremonies later developed into the marriage ceremony we know today.

In Scotland before marriage ceremonies were officially and legally sanctioned, almost any respected member of the community could perform a blessing. These ceremonies, often called Celtic Blessings were more symbolic than binding and were performed in a public place with the whole community attending to bear witness. Couples would often have their hands bound with cords to symbolise their contract, or tying the knot. Having little or no legal significance couples could part by mutual agreement after a year and a day.

However couples who wished a more binding commitment could petition the local Laird for his personal blessing on their union. Lairds blessings were not often granted so the approval of a marriage by the Laird was something of an honour. At Comlongon Castle we have revived this ancient tradition and now offer our wedding couples a unique opportunity to take part in a Lairds Blessing.

 Another unique offering from Comlongon is our wedding stones a very popular addition to a blessing.


Unique Lairds Blessings at Comlongon Castle Scotland

The Laird's Blessing

Ceremony held under the ok tree at duskThese ceremonies can take place immediately after your wedding ceremony or you may wish to organise this later in the evening in the Castle or, weather permitting, in the grounds - a particularly good option for the summer months.
These ceremonies are the perfect way to celebrate your wedding allowing the participation of guests who can supply readings or assist with cord tying. Lasting about 30 minutes they are generally performed at 8.30 pm, concluding just before the evening band starts. In winter periods fireworks can be arranged to mark the end of the ceremony.

Lairds blessings allow you to use the Lower Hall for your ceremony if you wish, whilst summer periods are perfect for holding the ceremony in the Crannag or under the Great Oak (see our Wedding Ceremony locations). If you have a sense of history and want something a little unusual the Lairds Blessing is a perfect solution.

Blessings can be tailored to your individual requirements with the inclusion of personalised readings. Another popular addition is to organise an engraved sword or dagger which can be incorporated into the blessing. Ceremonies are also arranged for those couples who wish to lay a wedding stone in the gardens.

For those groups who have extra guests in the evening a Lairds Blessing is an ideal option where your extra friends can be invited to an evening ceremony which could form the focus of the event.

 Often couples regard these ceremonies as the main event of the day. This allows a very specific focus for the evenings timetable. Instead of just inviting evening guests to arrive for entertainment and a buffet or hog roast dining option, the evening can be organised around this unique event allowing every guest to celebrate with you in a very personal ceremony. For more detailed information please give us a call.

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