Discounted Wedding Ceremonies.

 For all remaining dates until April 2019 we can offer a discounted price of £500. This applies only to new bookings and is the ceremony price only, excluding a piper.

New wedding packages for 2018

 We have also introduced a number of new exciting new wedding packages in 2018 that offer exceptional value for money and make booking any wedding a simple and affordable experience.

Wizard School

 We are co-hosting a new and exciting venture at Comlongon..perfect for those Harry Potter fans out there.

It’s time to sign up to our spellbinding school of sorcery as you take a wacky and wonderful whistle stop tour of the Wizard Academy and learn to become a master of mystery and magic.
During this hour long interactive experience you’ll take lessons in the basics of broomsticks, practice your potion making, be instructed in incantations and learn to tattle and talk with a tawny owl.
A perfect adventure for students age 6 – 12. Come and become a wonderful wizard and learn all they need to know to carry out a secret mission of the utmost importance and graduate with prestigious honours of hocus pocusry.
It’s an enchanting experience so don’t delay; Conjure yourself some tickets today. Call : 01387 870 283 to book