wedding banquets and buffets at comlongon castle 23542010327221711 fullSuperb buffets created by award winning chefs at Comlongon Castle for weddings, a Welcome Buffet is usually served at 1:00 pm in the Drawing Room and is a very useful icebreaker for the parties of the Bride and Groom or Exclusive guests.

Not only does it ensure all guests arrive at the castle with plenty of time to spare before the wedding or exclusive event commences, but it ensures all guests arrive at the same time.

A Welcome Buffet can be served in the evening for the arrival of extra guests if required. (However an economical way of obtaining an evening buffet is to order a 6-course banquet and ask for the last, cheese course, to be delayed until 10.30 pm.)

Delaying a cheese course only works out financially better for clients who do not have extra evening guests.

 Evening buffets can be organised in any fashion you see fit. The larger the group the more economical it is to book a Hog Roast, which is a rather spectacular way of feeding a larger group of guests.