Superb Banquets At Comlongon Castle

The very best Scotland has to offer. At Comlongon we have a wealth of experience in delivering a combination of fresh local produce, prepared by our chefs to exacting standards. We will provide you with a list of our most popular menu options so you can select your own personal choice for your bespoke banquet.

At Comlongon Castle we believe our client should expect and receive the very best we can offer and our award winning chefs will create fantastic banquets. Each day our team of award winning chefs will create a new menu providing several choices for each course. Each dish is crafted from the best seasonal fresh produce the region can provide.

Individual wedding banquet menus created every day. We give you a selection of several menu choices, from which you create your individual menu choice. If you wish to celebrate your wedding or special occasion with a banquet in style and affordable luxury, accept nothing less.

We firmly believe you should be given the best.

 We do of course offer a complete bespoke service, so we work very closly with each client. We can create individual menu choices catered to your exact needs. Simply let us know what you require and our catering team will deliver.

 We offer several menu options, especially for those who stay for more than one day. For those who do stay for more than a day you may wish the first day to have a unique menu option-we have provided a range of menu choices for groups from all over the world; offering a variety of choices from the simple..a summer Bar B Que, to more specialised regional options. Whatever your catering requirements our chefs will be delighted to cater for your personal needs.

 Whatever you require our staff are here to deliver.

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