fireworks at comlongon castle the premier wedding venue in scotlandSpectacular Fireworks Displays To Celebrate Your Wedding
Our legendary firework displays are the perfect way to round off the days celebrations.

These packages are imported directly and organised in house by our specially trained staff. This means you get public displays at a fraction of the cost of other hotels. We offer three basic firework displays - £800, £1,300 and £1,800 packages. To organise a fireworks display we need at least 4 weeks notice to import explosives and to contact all the relevant neighbours and local authorities. 

 Fireworks are undoubtedly a major investment, but there is no better way of making a spectacular impact for your assembled guests.

We will create a bespoke package for your particular requirements if you desire and any length of display can be arranged with prior contact (times of displays alter according to season).


Due to local restrictions, insurance and safety reasons guests cannot bring their own explosives and times of displays are prearranged with local authorities.