A Live band is the Perfect Entertainment for a Wedding Reception

Casual Photo MediumAt Comlongon we have over the years gathered a select group of talented local musicians who will deliver the best the region has to offer in the form of live music. Our house band draws on several of the most talented musicians in the area, so we can always provide a live band any day of the week.

 Many who celebrate here want to organise Scottish music..known as a Ceilidh.

A Ceilidh simply means a gathering to celebrate any purpose. Originally anyone who could play would join in to celebrate the event be it a wedding, birthday or any celebration.

Most people have been to at least one Ceilidh before and unfortunately left not enjoying the experience. This is not because of the music but rather the band that played. Our band will play a mixture of Celidh and more modern music; a personalised event created just for you.

At the start of the evening the band leader will meet with you both to discuss the way the evening will unfold and what blend of traditional and modern music your group would like. Do not worry if you have no idea how to perform any of the dances as a caller is provided to guide you through. In our experience we have found the less you know the more your group will enjoy the evening.

 You do have the option of contacting the band to discuss your personalised evenings entertainment if you wish. Try to view it as having your very own personalised band for the evening.

The band provides a unique sword dancing competition late in the evening where the Bride and Groom pick contestants to demonstrate their skills in this field. This often provides the focal point of the evening.

 For those groups who prefer a disco, this can be simply organised by contacting reception.

 Our band represents the best the local area can provide.

You are welcome to hire any form of entertainment you wish, but your chosen supplier must have a current Public liability certificate to perform at Comlongon Castle.

For those who wish to bring their own entertainment a fee of £250 will apply to hire our entertainment hall exclusively for the evening with tables, seating and lighting.

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