Christenings In A Traditional Scottish Castle

An ideal way to return to Comlongon is to host a christening here. Or any return..our Wedding Stones are proving very popular. 

We will try and organise the minister who married you (if available).

Once you have been at Comlongon you will understand how special this place is and why so many couples form a very close relationship with us. Christenings and naming ceremonies are becoming extremely popular at Comlongon. These can be hosted any day of the week and for any size of party.

If you wish to discuss Christenings at Comlongon Castle, please contact us:

Having previously been to Comlongon you will understand exactly how unique we are; most venues become a part of Corporate businesses..we try hard to remain Independant..guests who have been returning for some years often comment that we still remain Family based, Local and Independent.

 We try hard to do what we do; we source staff locally, source food locally and ensure we employ young local staff to give them the chance to build up some work experience before they go to further education. We have done this for well over 30 years. There are not many Hotels left like us..

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