Wedding Anniversary

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary In A Traditional Scottish Castle

One of the most popular ways people return to Comlongon is for their wedding anniversary. Often they find their particular anniversary is booked by another party, which sometimes has resulted in couples waiting for years to return, especially if their wedding date is in the summer. After years of puzzling over this problem we created our very own unique solution; Wedding Stones.

Wedding Stones

 For couples who wish to have their return visit marked by something that has no match anywhere else, we recommend organising a Wedding Stone. These are 12" x 12" Scottish slates, engraved with your names and the date of your wedding. These are then set for all eternity in our wedding path. These can be simply ordered online, and either pre-laid for your return visit; as a surprise for your other half maybe, or to lay together once you are here. weddingpath 010

 Wedding stones have been so successful that our original wedding, or Bridal Path is almost full. (As of November 2016 there are only 7 spaces left in the original path) So In 2017 we will be creating phase 2 of our planned expansion; that is to create a new Bridal Walkway from the Hotel to the Castle.

 Wedding Stones are a lasting reminder of your experience with us and will be there for future generations to visit. The Castle has stood for six centuries, and Wedding Stones will form an important part of the next few centuries.

 For those who have a sense of history Wedding Stones are simply a must.

Set your marriage in stone for all eternity at Comlongon Castle. Wedding Stones are available for £420 2017.

 As part of your Wedding Stone experience we have created a moving and personal bespoke ceremony for those couples who wish to bring family members and friends with them to celebrate. Wedding Stone Ceremonies are created personally for you and often involve close family members.   

If you wish to discuss your Wedding Anniversary celebrations at Comlongon Castle, please contact us:

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