Two Day Stay

 Most clients who choose to celebrate with us stay for more than one day. This obviously increases costs, but the advantages heavily outweigh this though.

 Booking the day before your wedding allows all your guests to arrive at different times throughout the day and for you to create a relaxed informal greeting day. We often organise your first day as a very relaxed informal day, which forms a contrast with the more structured wedding day. We can continue this relaxed theme with any sort of dining option you choose. Often depending upon the time of year, we can provide a relaxed outdoor dining option, possibly a Bar B Q, or curry night, Tapas..virtually any type of menu option you can think of. This also allows you to invite your guests who were not able to stay in the Castle down for the night to celebrate with you for the evening. Transpoprt to and from the Castle can be arranged if you wish. clay shooting entertainment

 Many clients book some sort of event for their guests to enjoy during the day, such as clay shooting. There are of course several other options; Neuros spa facilities are only 7 miles away, which can be hired exclusively by guests from Comlongon Castle by prior arrangement. There is also a very well equipped outdoor activity centre less than 7 miles away for those who are a bit more adventurous at Westlands Activity Centre

 One of the main advantages of booking two days is that all your chosen sub-contractors can arrive far earlier in the day, as opposed to a one day stay when they can only arrive after check in at 12.30, this allows you far longer to prepare for the wedding; or even to have the wedding earlier in the day, allowing you to extend the evening celebrations by a few hours.

fireworks at scotlands leading wedding venue

 A one day stay usually means the earliest you could have a wedding would be between 2.00 pm
or 3.00 pm; giving your guests adequate time to change and prepare. Staying the night before could mean you might want to consider arranging your ceremony time far earlier at 12.00 pm, to have
your banquet earlier and have the opportunity to start your evening celebration some hours earlier. This allows you to extend your evening celebration by some hours-very useful for those who have extra evening guests. For those who want to have a stunning focus to their evenings celebration we recommend you book a Lairds Blessing; unique to Comlongon castle. This truly stunning ceremony will has to be witnessed, and for those who do; they will remember for the rest of their lives.