New Luxury Honeymoon Lodge
Comlongon Castle has over the last 3 decades specialised in delivering quality and luxury. We have spent many years delivering products and services that constantly exceed clients expectations.

Our new development, which has underfloor heating throughout, will deliver exactly what people expect from our track record-affordable luxury.

Our new Lodge is located next to the Medieval Keep where ceremonies are conducted on a daily basis.

Set within its own private walled gardens embellished with water features and sculptures by renowned local artist, Lucianne Lassalle, this development provides a sumptuous addition to our other 14 suites.

The Lodge has a private walled garden a stunning area to relax in following your wedding ceremony The Lodge delivers the ultimate statement in luxury

The Lodge consists of a large entertaining area, two bathrooms decorated by another renowned artist, Jason Shackelton, based upon commissioned designs inspired from the Green Man mantle in the keep of Comlongon Castle, above the Great Hall fireplace. This is unique in Scotland and has been the centre of debate in the King Arthur Legend.


The bedroom, with it`s handmade 7 foot wide bed, has two separate dressing areas specifically designed to allow guests to allocate beauticians to tender to both the bride and her bridesmaids in preparation of their wedding ceremony. All the furniture has been especially commissioned from local firms and artists.

Two Travertine mosaic lined bathrooms give flexibility to either a large sunken clover-leaf bath, with television, or a walk in shower room with uniquely designed etched glass panels. IMG 4086 Medium

The living room boasts a six foot wide digitally controlled gas fireplace. This facility is designed with the intention to provide customers with an experience that they will only experience once.

For details of pricing and availability please contact reception.

 The Lodge is the ideal area to prepare for a wedding as it offers enough facilities and space for several people to prepare for a wedding at the same time, just far enough away from the castle, and just near enough to the Keep to offer the perfect location.